It seems that Samsung is looking into using Google’s Androif software to power some of their televisions. According to comments by the head of the Samsung TV division in Seoul earlier today, they are “reviewing it”.If you recall Samsung recently reported that Diva TV would be a content partner in parts of Europe last week form the IFA show in Berlin. Now it seems that they might join Sony in using Google Android in some televisions.

This could be a key move for the number one television maker and allow them to offer far more functionality to their customer base. The question is whether or not they can cooperate with Google it seems.

That’s not to say that they will use the full-on Google TV system, but it could open the doorway for that to appear on Samsung hardware in the future. While Samsung is known for the Bada operating system they do also have mobile phones that utilize Google Android. This could simply be a similar case where they want to give consumers the option of either one or the other.

Samsung already offers their fair share of Internet-connected TVs with about 50% of their 3D-TVs being web capable. They currently maintain about 88% market share on 3D-TV in the US with over a million units sold at the end of August.

Some might view this as a move against Apple on Samsung’s part, but really it seems like a logical step. They already offer a product which has two operating systems . It stands to reason that if they want those smartphone users to also buy Samsung TVs then they might see it as necessary to offer both OS’s on that hardware as well. Personally, I doubt Apple and Apple TV play any part in this decision, just so you all don’t further accuse me of being pro-Google or anti-Apple.