Samsung is the most successful social video brand of 2013, according to Unruly who confirm that video campaigns from the tech giant attracted more shares across Facebook, Twitter and the Blogosphere than any other advertiser. Marketing campaigns such as “S4: Sound & Shot” generated 7.3 million shares for the company, 2.3 million more than insurance company GEICO who take second spot. It’s an increase of 201.20% from 2012 where they finished eighth overall. Dove came in second with 4.52 million shares, thanks to its phenomenally successful “Real Beauty Sketches”, also the most shared ad of the year and the most viewed online video ad campaign of all time.

We Prefer Pepsi To Coke And Kmart To Abercrombie & Fitch

After just missing out on last year’s top 10, Budweiser also makes the top ten, and Evian make a strong second appearance with their “Baby&Me” campaign. Pepsi also replaces Coca-Cola in the top 10 following a fantastic year of viral success, including the infamous ‘prankvert’ “Test Drive”.

Last year’s leader, Google, fails to appear this year, making it only as far as 12th place. Other brands to drop out of the top 10 are Nike, TNT Benelux, P&G, Abercrombie & Fitch (no surprise after one of the worst years in PR for them) and Volkswagen. EA, Kmart and Unilever ice cream brand Cornetto make it into the top 10 for the very first time.

Unruly Video Sharing Awards 2013 #VSA

As well as taking the top prize in the most shared chart, Samsung will also pick up the award for the Most Shared Brand of 2013 at the inaugural Unruly Video Sharing Awards (#VSAs), the first event of its VSAskind to honor the year’s social video stars. The #VSAs will also award the most shared music video, movie trailer, crowdsourced and meme-jack. Winners will receive a much-coverted “Golden Cat” for their achievements and the winners will be announced on Twitter today (December 10th). Sarah Wood, founder and COO of Unruly said of the awards:

They are a celebration of the best social videos of the year and the brands and video creators that have moved us and entertained us over the last 12 months. Online video is the most powerful and accessible medium of our time for anyone wanting to engage an audience and spread a message, whether that’s brand advertisers or social campaigners

The Top Ten Most Shared Social Video Brands of 2013

Top10brands_v3 (2)

#10 EA – 3.38 million shares 

#9 Cornetto – 3.38 million shares 

#8 kmart – 3.39 million shares

#7 Evian 3.70 million shares 

#6 Red Bull – 3.74 million shares 

#5 Budweiser – 3.86 million shares

#4 Pepsi – 4.02 million shares

#3 Dove – Real Beauty Sketches – 4.52 million shares 

#2 GEICO – 4.93 million shares

#1 Samsung – 7.30 million shares