Wha?! Really?! Those sneaky so-and-so’s! You might all recall me being a proponent of Samsung because of the way they’ve been handling their three screen strategy but now, they’ve outdone even my expectations. They just announced that they’re in final talks to produce Samsung Google TV units. Then again, they already showed it off in Blu-Ray players last year, why would I be surprised?

A Samsung Google TV?

Yoon Boo-keun, president of Samsung’s TV division, in talking to Reuters said the company planned to unveil its Google TV at an event next year without elaborating on the schedule, saying only the firm was working with Google on the rollout. However, it will be a different service and perhaps experience he said elsewhere.

CES is set to see next-generation OLED TVs from Samsung and some should have Google TV capabilities as well now.

The reports of Google TV’s death have been greatly exaggerated it seems.

Actually, I knew it wouldn’t die, Google hasn’t given up on it like Wave, and Buzz. It knew it needed a revamp on the UI and it did it. It knew it needed an expansion of available content, and it worked at it.

It also needed to move away from that silly $300 box that Logitech was trying to push on us all. Incorporating it directly into the TVs is the ultimate in screen convergence and should have always been the first push for them.

Now they’re doing it. Meanwhile, we’re still not sure what LG is doing as they have been named in some other Google TV rumors. I’m guessing that they’re going to follow suit and have Google TV built into some of their flat panel TVs as well. It would make sense.

Almost makes me wish I needed a TV but with the two projectors in the house, I’m all set for big, clear viewing in the living room and the bedroom.

I will be attending CES again next year and will report from the show floor on whatever I find of interest so you can probably expect some cool video of all these new displays while I’m there and probably a lot of Google TV coverage from me.