Samsung, who I often praise for having some sort of cohesive strategy for their product lineups, is continuing to offer innovative services to their consumers. This time round it’s free streaming 3D content to 2010-2011 smart 3DTV (plasma and LED) customers via their Explore 3D app which is powered by Rovi and Roxionow.

Oddly, I don’t own a single Samsung product, how’s that for blind faith? Well, the Galaxy Tabs are too expensive for my meager budget and I just haven’t bought a new flat screen TV yet, but Samsung is high on my list in that regard and I’ll probably get one of their LED Smart TVs. 3D? Well, I still think it’s gimmicky and I don’t want to wear glasses to view my media, call me silly and old fashioned if you want, but when glassesless 3D is so close, why invest in something that needs glasses right now? I have lived my whole life without 3DTV and I think I’ll survive a bit longer. Well, OK except for Creature from the Black Lagoon which had the red/blue glasses and which I enjoyed.

Free 3D Video Content For Samsung Customers

Where was I? Right, Samsung will offer owners of their 2010-11 3DTVs streaming free 3D video content. That’s just cool. Plus, they’ve got plans to boost that into offering premium, paid content including film and what-not later. Like I said, they’ve got an angle Charlie… (name that film reference anyone?)

John Revie, Samsung Home Entertainment senior VP said:

“We decided to expand our Explore 3D App with both free content and — coming soon — feature films in order to meet this growing demand.”

Samsung is using 3D Active technology so it’s 1080p per eyeball. Ouch! That’s going to chew through some serious bandwidth. If you’re an AT&T U-Verse user on in Canada, you’re screwed!

Could We See A Glasses-Free 3D Galaxy Tab?

Now, like I said, Samsung has a plan. So what does that mean? It means that I am betting on a Galaxy Tab 3D to be announced soon, hook into this exact same service, but be glasses-free. Yeah, you heard me, I expect them to bring 3D to their portable platforms but without the need to use glasses.

Why do I believe that? Because at CES, Mark and I saw a 3D, glasses-free smartphone. I have seen and played the Nintendo 3DS and I saw a 24 inch Sony 3D glasses-free TV at CES. There are numerous other smartphones that are bringing this sort of 3D to market and it would be silly for Samsung’s Galaxy and Galaxy Tabs to not get it.

Plus, they are then building more value for the products. You can get one piece of content and access on your phone, tablet and TV…boom! That’s almost like…screen convergence…or is exactly screen convergence.

It’s exactly what I want and I’m sure there are many, many others who want the same. Content fragmentation for consumers is bad news. We don’t want two dozen accounts to get our content. Hell if a Samsung smartTV can pull all the content I generally watch online to the TV… then that will be my solution of choice. Now if I can open some lines of communication with them about all this, I would be a happy man indeed.