Rovi nabbed up the DivX line earlier in the year and now, they’ve laid down their cards to show us all why. They want a chunk of the adaptive bitrate streaming market. To get it, they’ll need to take it from Flash and Silverlight, Adobe and Microsoft respectively. That’s a pretty tall order.

Rovi, though, is ready for the fight. They say that DivX offers DVD-like functions and other features that the rest of them just haven’t got: subtitle support, multiple language audio, DTS, 1080p as well as standard FF, RW, play, pause and resume. It’s also got DRM in it, so that means security is in place. That could be one of the reasons that places like Best Buy, DISH, Lionsgate and Warner Bros are all using it.

They also say their scaling is better when the bandwidth that the video is streaming through changes because it’s all read from one file on one server. I guess I’ll have to do some tests on that.

Meanwhile, Rovi has also announced that they want to further expand the player with an OSD (on screen display) and that a good amount of the 500 million DivX certified devices in the market should be able to take advantage of DivX Plus Streaming.

This will then be integrated fully into their RoxioNow, recently renamed to Rovi Entertainment Store, their white-label, online video offering. Other major Hollywood studios are in the process of checking out the streaming to determine if they’re OK with it, when that happens, DivX could be poised to take a bite out of time…your video viewing time that is.