Roku is really moving up in the world. They pulled in a cool $8M in funding and now are on the verge of delivering on their Roku 2 boxes. New features include a smaller size, 802.11n connectivity, Bluetooth 3.0 compatibility, a microSD and an HDMI jack.

The 720p HD is priced at $59.99 while the 1080p XD is set at $79.99 and the cream of the crop, the 1080p XS is $99.99 with a network jack and USB along with a free copy of Angry Birds (SQUAWK!).

They’ve even pushing out a $30 motion sensor-based enhanced remote for that game controller feel. More games are on the way, so that $30 won’t just be for bird slinging.

As a video games journalist, and a lifelong gamer, I dig the prolific-ness of games. As I just commented on someone’s page recently, they don’t make us more productive, or maybe they do since we have quick, easy built-in stress relief (now THAT would be a great research bit to do), but at least I don’t need to pop a mobile phone open to play Angry Birds now…I just wish I could transport my saved games since I all but finished them on the iPhone before moving to Android and now, Google Plus.

Oops, I digress, it seems I went off on a tangent.

The new Roku 2 boxes are obviously aimed at the stylish users who love their AppleTVs, the content mongers who love their Boxee and the content hoarders who have stacks on content on USB-accessible devices. With these prices and the new features they could definitely be one of the leaders in the space as they continue to expand the offerings and abilities of the boxes.

I can’t wait to see what they do and how they move forward. Hopefully, with all the additions to the hardware here, they can now just drop firmware updates to expand content etc. I think it’s time I got my hands on an XS, no NOT just to play Angry Birds, but to review the whole unit…oh and hope that Peggle makes it there next!

Alright, it’s not next. What is next, is the Accedo gaming lineup.

Seven Accedo games are now available to Roku 2 customers for $.99 each, and include the following titles: Kaboom, Sudoku, Patience, Rockswap Adventures, Texas Hold’Em, Mahjong Fruits and Dracula’s Coffin. Additional Accedo games will be available in the future. The games can be purchased in the Roku Channel Store and can be played with or without the game remote that comes included with the Roku 2 XS player.