Roku just made two announcements today, the new Roku LT which is $10 cheaper than the Roku 2 HD, yet also offers 720p like that model. It seems more like a muddling of the market on their part than an actual addition to their lineup. They company also announced a deal to bring HBO Go to Roku devices, but only for people already subscribing.

Roku LT Box Compared To Roku 2 HD

If we compare the Roku LT to the Roku 2 HD it looks like this:

Roku 2 HD

Roku LT

300+ channels with movies, shows, music, & moreyesyes
FREE movie service from Crackle with hundreds of Hollywood movies on demandyesyes
Works with virtually any TVyesyes
Built-in wireless (Wi-Fi b/g/n)yesyes
Plays high-definition video (720p)yesyes

So really, it seems like you would lose the ability to get the motion-controlled games and save $10. It doesn’t make any sense to me or their press release just wasn’t at all clear why they have brought this out aside from them wanting a “Roku in every house,” which is just silly because they don’t really offer all that much that many don’t already have and there’s no web browsing. The motion control games are only on the upper end boxes. Like I said, a muddied market.

They also announced HBO Go will now have a channel on the Roku box. No, it’s not included in the price. Yes, you have to have an HBO subscription to get HBO Go content. Yes, it’s lame, no I can’t do anything about it. Yes, HBO is greedy and seems to be totally oblivious to the fact we don’t want to pay for a subscription to their channel just to get streaming. That’s like buying a movie card to get an access code for a streaming version….lame.