Just another quick note about Roku to follow up my last post, because it appears there has been at least one other significant update–this time involving premium streaming video content provider, Hulu. I stumbled across the changelog for the Hulu Channel for Roku and saw that it had recently been updated to v2.0, which includes new fixes and tweaks to the UI. 

Roku Hulu Upgrade

Here are the new features.

  • Improved the sharpness of the UI through native 1280×720 support, as opposed to scaling up from 960×540.
  • Fixed UI defect where the Web Only dialog remained on-screen even after navigating away to another part of the UI. This should also address a related issue posted on the Roku forums.
  • Improved the appearance of the Hulu Plus channel logo.
  • Updated the Learn More page.

It’s a short list but I thought the UI updates might be of interest to some of you. See, I can do quick, short and sweet posts.