Yes folks, Roku is expanding its availability outside of the US. If you’re in the UK or Canada and looking for a streaming online video box, hold tight, Roku to the rescue! Roku announced that they expect their streaming players, which come in several varieties, to be available in the UK and Canada early next year.

The Roku boxes, with over 350 channels of content and with the recent additions to the Roku box lineup now also offers games like Angry Birds as well as premium content like HBO Go (will still need that HBO subscription thought).

Roku offers four versions of its streaming box, the Roku LT for $49.99 which has Wi-Fi and 720p, the Roku 2 HD at $59.99 which offers a memory slot and Bluetooth, the XD at $79.99 which adds 1080p and the XS at $99.99 which is compatible with the motion remote for games, and has an Ethernet port as well as a USB port.

Content channels include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Crackle, HBO Go, Pandora Internet Radio, EPIX movie channel and more.