There’s a big update on the way to the Roku 2 and Roku LT boxes that will add in a good amount of new features including MKV playback and, can it be true? Support for a future iOS Remote App looks to be included.

The Roku box update, version 4.2 build 1006, is set to include the following:

  1. Support for more games – Added improvements to the 3D game experience on Roku 2. The first games to take advantages of these improvements—Downhill Bowling 2, Castle Warriors and Frisbee Forever—will be available in the Roku Channel Store shortly and are designed to work with the Game Remote.
  2. Mobile support – Added enhancements to support an official Roku iPhone app that will be in the iTunes App Store soon. Followed by Android for our non-iOS loving friends.
  3. MKV playback support – If you have a Roku 2 XS, you can use the USB Media Player channel to play MKV movie files from USB drives. Also, MP4 video playback has improved.
  4. Improved Wi-Fi performance – Added optimizations to enhance streaming quality and reliability over Wi-Fi in Roku 2 players.
  5. Improved Bluetooth Game Remote battery performance – Prolonged the battery life of the Roku Game Remote when it is used in conjunction with Wi-Fi networking on the player.
  6. Improved Game Remote responsiveness – Improved wakeup responsiveness of Roku Game Remove over Bluetooth for quicker actions during video playback.
  7. Improved audio performance – Fixed the cause of intermittent audio dropouts with some stereo receivers.
  8. Shop Roku Deals in the Roku Channel Store – Recently we added the ability to purchase Roku players within the Roku Channel Store; now you can bundle accessories with your purchase too, like an HDMI cable.

If you want to force the update you can go to Settings > Software update > Check now from your Roku player and it should see it.

The interesting thing is that the MKV support is only for Roku 2 XS apparently and only through a USB device. I suppose you don’t really run into a lot of MKV out on the web anyway so you’d probably have it on a local device to begin with.

Also interesting is #2 which mentions an official Roku iOS app, as there are plenty unofficial ones available, and an Android App at a later date. I like how they assume that Android users dislike iOS…

That last one doesn’t make any sense to me. You can buy Roku boxes through the Roku channel, but you can only get the Roku channel if you have a Roku box…so why would you be buying one? I suppose you might want more than one in your house, but there are much better ways to do that I’m sure.