Merry Day-after-Christmas Day from all of us at ReelSEO. On this week’s Creator’s Tip, we want to talk about what’s important for video marketing going into 2014. It’s crucial that we stop focusing solely on the ROI (Return on Investment) surrounding our online video marketing efforts and think about the bigger picture. Views and subscribers are, of course, important metrics but we sometimes forget that we need to reach out to actual people and fully appreciate and understand how our products and services can help our clients and potential clients. Do our videos offer value to our audience, do they enrich the world around us? If we can fully engage with all of thoseĀ people who are watching our videos and consuming our products, then we can treat ROI as something that makes what we offer sustainable. ROI is extremely important but we won’t achieve it without first connecting with our target audience and making a difference to them. That’s something we can all focus on in the new year:

We’d love to hear what you are focussing on for 2014 for online video creation, marketing and advertising. Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned for all the fantastic tips, advice, case studies, walk-throughs and tutorials we at ReelSEO have lined up for the next 12 months!