BBC iPlayer, the streaming application for the British Broadcasting Corporation, recorded 272 million requests in March 2013, with tablet viewing surpassing mobile for the first time ever. The TV and radio on demand catch up service (available to those outside the U.K. with the aid of dark arts) averages daily traffic of 8.1 million and the BBC confirmed that it was TV rather than radio content which proved most popular, another success for the tablet device which is rapidly becoming the go-to second screen for television viewing. And, talking of second screen, 68% of UK TV ads now strongly encourage the viewer to engage with the brand elsewhere online, particularly their own site or via Twitter.

Tablet & Mobile Views Now Make Up 30% of iPlayer Audience

Of the 272 million recorded iPlayer views for March 2012, 81 million (or 30%) came from mobile or tablet devices, with tablet traffic outstripping mobile by 200,000 visits. Shows like Top Gear: Africa Special, Comic Relief and The Voice UK relief drove huge amounts of visits with average weekly requests around the 60 million mark.


Second Screen and the UK: Encouraging Viewer Engagement

A recent report from FastWebMedia takes a look at 50 UK brands and their most recent 2013 TV adverts to ascertain who is encouraging the use of the second screen and how. The study found that 68% of all ads shown on British TV included links to either the brand’s social media sites or main websites. or both. Takeaways from the report are:

  • Including a URL in the ad is still the most common practice
  • 16% of all ads include two or more links directing users to different online locations
  • After the brand URL, Twitter comes in second, ahead of Facebook or YouTube
  • 90% of ads that reference Twitter include a hashtag encouraging viewers to engage with the brand online.

twitter uk second screen
FastWeb compared the amount of Twitter followers a brand had versus how many times a hashtag was tweeted citing that brand as an indication of how successful the social media push via onscreen TV ad had been.

twitter hashtags
Incorporating information about your online presence via TV advertising is a simple yet very effective way of encouraging viewer engagement, particularly if centred around a specific product or service that can be tracked easily. Brands need to understand how wide the net reaches these days and how critical it is that they are able to be found, whichever medium, or mediums, the potential customer chooses to use.

The full infographic can be downloaded here.