Producer Ridley Scott's YouTube movie, "Life In A Day," which we've talked about before, is anything but a traditional Hollywood film.  It was shot by thousands of amateurs, has only a loose plot or theme, and will be released online instead of in theaters.  But there is one choice Scott and his director, Kevin Macdonald, have made that is very Hollywood--the movie trailer.

"Life In A Day" is the attempt to document the human experience through the use of thousands of different scenes--each filmed by a different YouTube user.  Over 80,000 videos were submitted for the project, and 1,125 have made the film's final cut.  And today, YouTube has released the first of many teaser trailers--individual scenes, really--for "Life In A Day." They'll put out several more leading up to the film's January 27 broadcast, and each will feature a different segment from a different amateur filmmaker as they try to build momentum and buzz around the unique film project.

Without further ado, here's your first teaser for Life In A Day:

Outstanding!  If the clips chosen for the film are as beautifully shot and interesting as this one... then this movie just went from neat experiment to must-see film on my list.  Here I've been expecting to see two hours of the mundane aspects of humanity--teeth brushing, shaving, driving.  How refreshing to see that some of these participants used top-quality gear and looked for more compelling moments of their daily existence to share with us.

"Life In A Day" will premiere on Thursday January 27, 2011, at 5:00pm Pacific Time, with a live broadcast from the Sundance Film Festival.  After the film's premiere, director Kevin Macdonald and 20 of the filmmakers whose work is featured in the movie will do a live Q&A.  There will also be several more teasers released between now and then as they try and build interest.

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Keep up with the project, the trailers, or the latest news over at the Life In A Day channel.