Today is the day where the news that comes in is nearly impossible to consider truthful in any way, even when it comes with absolute seriousness.  So, almost anything I run across today that will be worth talking about will involve April Fools and how people are using it.  We already talked about YouTube’s prank, and Greg Jarboe talked up the history of YouTube and Google when it comes to April 1.  And Rhett & Link have come out with a video very much making fun of skippable ads, using chapter annotations disguised as the “skip” button.

Rhett & Link’s Funny Baby Panda Kiss

The very title of the video is making fun of something people will click like mad.  And you will be greeted by an ad that sounds like the typical thing you would probably skip when you want to see a funny baby panda kiss.  But, it’s not a real ad.  And when you skip to the next ad, you are all of the sudden greeted by yet another ad.  And at some point, you think, “Well, Rhett & Link are big time YouTubers, maybe they have some experimental multi-skippable-ad feature now.  Strange.  Nope: they’re pranking you, hard:

But, Rhett & Link did put content in here: they’re making fun of ads in general and they’re worth watching just for the satire on the mundane.  There are three “ads” here and then Rhett & Link discussing the “complicated” process of making the video “Funny Baby Panda Kiss,” which is hilarious on its own.  Once you get past the prank part and just enjoy the video, it’s really fun.