Revision3, which specializes in all sorts of techie shows, video game news and reviews, has released an app so that you can watch right on your Xbox 360.  The app is available to Xbox LIVE Gold members in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.  Revision3 created the app specifically for the Xbox 360 to blend in perfectly with the gaming console’s dashboard.  This new app will allow Rev3 fans to watch, discover, and save shows to watch for later.  And the app works with the Kinect for voice and gesture controls.  Rev3 now is specifically tailored to reach over 70 million people with the console.

Rev3 Now On Xbox

So, now, Xbox 360 owners can watch a show like this from Rev3 Games, where Adam Sessler speaks about the video game Bioshock Infinite with language that we hear reserved for the very best of films:

That review has nearly 900,000 views on YouTube after a mere 2 days. What is sort of encompassed in that review is how more important video gaming is not only as an entertainment source, but perhaps more and more, an art form.  But this is the kind of programming that Xbox 360 owners can expect from Revision3: the review itself is almost magical to watch, even if you don’t play video games.  Of course, that would be weird if you were watching it on Xbox and didn’t play video games.

Also, with the announcement of the new app, Revision3 has also changed their look at home base, and it is a vast improvement.  I always kind of felt overwhelmed when I went over to Revision3 because everything looked kind of cluttered.  They’ve made the website a whole lot friendlier on the eyes and it’s way more inviting now.  Give it a test drive!