Film Riot host Ryan Connolly got to test drive one of Hollywood’s newest toys, the RED Epic camera, and played around with it for a couple of episodes.  But then, Connolly had to face stupid reality again when the time came for him to give it back.  Rather than be satisfied with just giving it a test run, the Film Riot host decided that what he needed to do before he gave it back was shoot a movie in record time, just so he could get his “money’s worth.”  So Connolly wrote, shot, and edited a short action film called Losses, and it got released on their YouTube Channel on Wednesday.

Losses is a simple hitman story, starring his brother Josh.  The first thing you realize pretty quickly is that this is no episode of Film Riot.  Although the show loves them some gunplay, it’s usually comedic.  Here, it’s anything but.  Losses is a pretty violent film, but it shows talent and it shows off the RED Epic camera capabilities very well.

The movie begins with a bunch of bad guys, led by Todd Bruno, kidnapping Josh and putting him in handcuffs.  Then there’s a simple instruction, “You have five minutes to get to my office.  If you’re there, you get the job.  If not, I cut my losses.”  Of course, this is the kind of instruction that has no chance of being completed, unless of course the protagonist is a super-skilled warrior.  Through cool camera tricks and editing that we will likely see in future episodes of Film Riot, he turns his brother into just that.

From there the action begins.  Connolly knows how to shoot frenetic gun play and fistfights.  All the while, the footage looks gorgeous even when reduced to the 2K format.  I love the music, too, and even though there is strangely no one credited, I’m going to assume it comes from Connolly’s go-to music source, APM Music.  There’s always the chance he used Garage Band or Pro Tools on it, but whoever did the music–kudos.

For a movie that got shot in a short amount of time, this is fantastic.  It’s a straightforward action film that hooks you just right.  If you’re a fan of Ryan Connolly’s work and of Film Riot, or if you’re looking for an introduction for his work outside of the show, Losses is a fun movie to watch.  Check it out: