Reuters, one of the oldest and most respected news organizations in the world, has joined YouTube and will have a channel dedicated to all the world’s news, including finance, politics, and technology.  Reuters, much like many of the original channels announced, already has a channel on YouTube and their own website with video.  But now, they will produce special programs for the channel and obviously gives YouTube the cachet of having a dedicated news channel not dependent on other sources to deliver the day’s news, investigative reports, and interviews.

The Reuters YouTube Channel Lineup

Reuters announced these offerings for their new YouTube launch, called Reuters TV (the descriptions are also from Reuters):

  • Reuters Investigates, featuring investigative journalism and special reports from around the world, in coordination with Reuters award-winning Enterprise unit.
  • The Trail, with Reuters political reporters covering the presidential candidates on the campaign trail.
  • Felix TV, with Reuters finance blogger Felix Salmon, named by Time magazine one of the Top 25 financial bloggers.
  • Media Bite, featuring Peter Lauria, editor of technology, media & telecommunications, and his team of reporters covering a media world experiencing massive change.
  • Tech Tonic, with Anthony De Rosa, Reuters Digital’s social media editor, dubbed by The New York Times “the undisputed king of Tumblr”.
  • Freeland File, with Reuters Digital editor Chrystia Freeland interviewing top newsmakers.
  • Fast Forward, hosted by Chrystia Freeland and featuring Reuters’ top commentators and journalists
  • Money Clip, with Lauren Young, personal finance editor and former editor at BusinessWeek and SmartMoney.
  • Rough Cuts, with Jen Rogers, showcasing the remarkable news video that Reuters video journalists shoot around the world, allowing viewers to see and hear that video in greater depth than most television networks can offer.
  • Decoder, explaining in succinct and surprising ways the key topics in the news, ranging from the debt ceiling to the Strait of Hormuz.

Here’s one of the shows, Tech Tonic, hosted by Anthona De Rosa, talking about your phone tracking your every move:

And here’s a special edition of Rough Cuts, following a soldier stationed in Afghanistan:

This is definitely a great catch for YouTube: High quality news footage and a bunch of choices.  Meanwhile, Reuters also has the ability to find many more people through the power of YouTube’s reach.  One of the oldest news organizations, dating back into the 1800s, is firmly planted in the 21st Century.