SpotXchange says that retargeting consumers who didn’t buy the first time round actually works to increase results. But what is it and how does it work? More importantly, how well does it work?

SpotXchange’s online video ad retargeting had left beta. Apparently, it was a success. The re-targeting consists of showing video ads to consumers who have already expressed an interest by visiting the site or an informational page. They said that campaigns utilizing the platform in beta converted four to ten times better (400-1000%) than other targeting that SpotXchange offers including contextual, etc.

Who saw the best results?

The industries who saw the best conversion were in entertainment, travel and certain restaurants.   Click here to download SpotXchange’s Quick-Service Restaurant Retargeting Case Study.

“Advertisers invest a great deal of money in search, social media, PR, TV, radio and other forms of outreach to drive consumers to their websites. Video ad retargeting allows advertisers to continue an emotional and active dialog with interested consumers, and convert more prospects into customers,” said SpotXchange CEO Michael Shehan.

Along with re-targeting also comes detargeting from SpotXchange which allows you to not serve ads to consumers whom have already purchased your product or service.

Oddly, all of this is factored into my upcoming article which talks about which ad network you should be putting your ads on. Good timing on their part.