“Mercedes” and “chicken” aren’t necessarily the first two words that you’d automatically associate with one another, never mind envisage in a viral video but Magic Body Control, uploaded to YouTube on September 23rd has already attracted (at time of writing) 2,647,678 views and the count continues to grow. Simple, mesmerising and beautifully executed, the ad is the completely surreal sight of chickens dancing along to the Diana Ross/Nile Rodgers classic “Upside Down” to promote the new suspension system for the yummy S Class Series.


The ad, from German agency Jung von Matt, equates the manhandling of chickens to a disco beat to the new Mercedes Magic Body Control feature which keeps the driver and chassis stable over rough terrain. If you move a chicken’s body its head tends to remain static (like a built-in steadicam!) due to their lack of an ocular system.

Agency Art Director Lucas Osis and Copywriter Nico Baumann swear they didn’t use any CGI and there are no tricks to the camera work:

Basically, we just put a chicken in front of the camera. Then we got choreographers to move them according to the music and filmed it. All the credits go to the chickens, which are just naturally able to keep their head steady.

Nothing is new under the sun of course and FujiFilm used exactly same creative concept in February of this year for their new stabilized X-S1 camera: