This is an interview with Me – Mark Robertson, founder of, a website focused on the online video industry, with a specific lean towards online video marketing and video search optimization, also known as Video SEO.

In this interview, we talked about various ways to get your videos seen in search results. We also talk about Video SEO, and is that even a good word to use. Finally, we reach out to Google ‘s Matt Cutts and anyone else to see if there is someone that can tell us how best to get video thumbnails within video search results in universal search.

I should clarify a few things, just for the sake of it…

– “Google’s M.O.” – Google has a right to protect their algorithm as it is one proprietary secret to their success.  I do not mean to imply that this is bad, merely, it a fact that Google does not talk about the details of its proprietary ranking algorithms.

– “We have our secrets…” – All whitehat SEO here.  All we mean is that we have a formula that currently works for us.