Several years ago, Diablo Cody launched her writing career by blogging her candid account of the life of an exotic dancer, which she then leveraged into the book Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper.  Soon after came Juno, which won her an Oscar for original screenplay.  And while her other projects, such as the much-ballyhooed but ultimate flop Jennifer’s Body, and the Showtime series The United States of Tara, have kept her writing career going in Hollywood, it seems as though her encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture and celebrity has given her a second career in pop journalism.  First, a contributing Entertainment Weekly column, then the web interview series Red Band Trailer, which was picked up by L Studio for its second season and recently debuted.

Red Band Trailer Web Series Hosted By Diablo Cody

“Red Band Trailer” is a play-on-words, taking the industry term for a restricted-audience preview that you may sometimes see in movie theaters, and also the fact that the interviews take place for the most part in Diablo Cody’s Airstream trailer.  The show plays on L Studio, which notably carried Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy series.

I’ve always liked those “insider” interviews where the host is part of the industry and is asking someone else within the industry questions, like that show Jon Favreau hosted on IFC called “Dinner For Five.”  In the informal setting, the guests look relaxed and ready to share some interesting stories and insights.  And Cody is knowledgeable about her guests, talks to them like a friend at a party, and is an overall engaging presence.  As irritating as her pop culture references and pop-speak might be to some (I know it got on some people’s nerves for Juno, and it really got on mine in Jennifer’s Body), this skill comes in particularly useful here and makes the show informed and entertaining, and yet she never goes overboard.

Season two begins with The Office‘s John Krasinski and one of my favorite actresses, Zooey Deschanel:

This is a fun, breezy, 15 minutes out of the day with some winning personalities.  Give it a look.