At the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit, we got a chance to talk to a lot of guests, guest speakers, experts, and more.  We asked them to share a quick tip for creators that they can use to add value to their channel and their viewers.  Much of this goes towards the “call-to-action,” where you engage your community in answering a question, or going to the website, or whatever you might like them to do that helps create a community around your videos.  There are other tips in here about SEO, about attractive titles, and about finding out who you are as a brand.  So let’s see what these experts have to say, shall we?

Suzie Reider (Marketing Director, YouTube): Type in your brand to any search engine (Yelp, Google, YouTube, Facebook), and see what you find (this goes back to what she talked about in her keynote, where she quoted Jeff Bezos, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”).

Jim Louderback (CEO, Revision3): You know how they say “Your eyes are the window to your soul?”  Your headline is the window into your video.  Use numbers, but not every number.  Try to incorporate odd numbers and prime numbers into your headlines.  For some reason they work better than even numbers and non-prime numbers.  (Louderback attributes this tip to Cosmopolitan)

Larry Kless (President, Online Video Publishing): Tell a story and capture your audience, whoever they may be–marketers, consumers, your customers.

Reed Lucas (Director of Channel Management, Channel Factory): Really take your time coming up with titles, descriptions, and tags.  Keep in mind your strategy: if your strategy is social engagement, put your Facebook link in the video.  If it’s subscribers, put it in the annotations.  Join forums and communities.  If your content is about a specific topic, you’ll find a lot of people who will join your network.  I get about 80 percent of my views from those communities.

Rob Sandie (CEO, vidIQ): Finding where that YouTube audience is at.  More and more people are using mobile, currently 25 percent of views occur on mobile apps.  It’s projected to grow to 50 percent very soon.  The thumbnails are incredibly important.  They take up 30 percent of the app, so choosing the right ones is incredibly important.  Pay attention to the descriptions.  On mobile they take up half the page.

Sofia Stefou (Video Strategist, Sofina Media): Find a group of who your target audience is (family, friends, whatever the case may be), and if you send them a survey of what you want them to look for in the video, you’ll be able to get some stats and some feedback before you actually release the video.  nd if you have to, you can make any changes you need in order to optimize your content.

Jason Cesare (Account Executive, Unruly Media): Understanding your content, the quality of your content, and where it’s going, and there’s two pieces against that: I would give your audience a reason to share that content and make them feel something intensely enough to want to share it.

Jay Nolan (Producer, Ecommerce): Never disable the comments.  Engage with your audience, respond to them, get a discussion going.  Be part of that community, foster the community, and have a lot of fun with it.

Anthony Bucci (Founder, RevZilla): If you need them to make an action, you should ask them politely, concisely, but directly, tell them what to do.  You should continue to learn more, leading to further value.  For us at RevZilla, it can be product reviews, or product photography, or additional ask-and-answer questions that might be posted to the site, or it could be “subscribe to our channel.”  We’ve seen our engagement skyrocket by asking viewers politely, concisely, directly, and honestly asking people to engage with us in a way we’re excited about engaging with them.

What do you think?  If you had to give one tip to create value for your channel, what do you do?  We’d like to know in the comments below or on the watch page.