It’s been a while since I’ve written one of my articles about a great branded video campaign. To be truthful, I have barely had time to watch many branded videos, let alone write about them. But over the weekend, I saw a pretty clever little ad from Qualcomm that perfectly illustrates how to blend a brand’s message and product with an attention-getting concept or setting.

The Qualcomm Bug Circus Phone Charger

The ad is called Snapdragon Presents: The Bug Circus Generator. It uses a bug circus–don’t act like you didn’t have one as a kid–to show how little power the new Snapdragon processor needs to charge.

Check it out:

A bug circus is a great little attention-getting idea. High-concept is always a great way to grab and hold audience interest. And tying it to the phone through the electricity produced by the circus is a stroke of genius.

Lots of brands still lean on product demonstration videos to help appeal to consumers–especially technology and gadget companies. So if the feature you’re trying to highlight is the power efficiency of your product, you might be in the best shape by simply showing it off and letting it speak for itself.

Sometimes a brand will do something eye-catching or unbelievable in order to grab your attention, but then minimize that impact when that moment has little or nothing to do with the product itself. In this case, Qualcomm found the perfect happy medium. Their attention getter isn’t a ploy or a setup. Instead, after grabbing the viewer’s attention, it ties directly into the product feature the company is trying to promote.

Which might account for the half-a-million views and countless shares this video has received.