YouTube has ramped up their foreign language translation game a lot in the past year.  In September, they made it so that you could request a translator as long as you make captions for the video, and it can be done in 300 languages.  Now, you can get your video professionally translated using two main professional translating services, Gengo and  With them, you can now translate your English captions into 36 languages.  Captioning is great for YouTube SEO because it not only makes your video understandable to more people but the search engine can more easily tell what your video is about.

The Benefits of Professional Translation

The nifty feature to invite people to translate your video is a good one, but perhaps you’ll run into someone who takes too long or doesn’t translate it to standard or some other hangup.  Having a professional do it definitely gives you peace of mind that it’s being done correctly.  It’ll cost you a little bit of money, but the rewards are worth it.

When you load English captions into your video, which can be simply done by uploading the script into YouTube, you will have another choice available in the Captions section of your Video Manager.  It will say, “Request Translaton.”  After that, YouTube will take you to a screen where you can select which languages you want to translate your video into, and then you’ll get “Translation Options,” in which you can either do the “invite a translator” thing, or use the new professional services:


As you see, you’ll get the price and the estimated date it will be done.  When you “Start order” you’ll be taken to the vendor’s website to hash out the payment.

This is awesome news for those who make videos that can be appreciated all over the globe.