Poptent is known as a crowdsourced video production and social community platform for video creators, a nifty way for aspiring filmmakers and video producers to get experience shooting videos for a number of major brands, while keeping video production costs low for the client. Today, Poptent announced a new full-service video production unit called Poptent Productions, a business unit that will enable a speedier, smoother process from concept to finished product. Poptent Productions will be headed by Poptent veteran David Mann, and they hired award-winning producer Jon Seidman to be the executive in charge of productions.

What This Means For Poptent And The Poptent Community

Before the creation of this new business unit, Poptent would reach out to their community to create a crowdsourced video for a client, and it was a competitive process where they had to weed through a number of concepts and ads to come up with a final product, a process that could be time-consuming. Now with Poptent Productions, a client can be sold on a concept and Poptent can enlist any of their vetted filmmakers around the world to produce that concept on demand.

Here’s Poptent’s president, Neil Perry, talking about the reasons for brands and filmmakers to use Poptent:

We were able to ask Poptent some questions, and Perry was gracious enough to respond.

What can Poptent do now with Poptent Productions that could not be done before?  Perry says, “There are two things that Poptent Productions ‘brings to the party’. First, it’s speed to market. Poptent can now execute high quality videos in just a few days for a client if they have an idea they want produced, or a script they want brought to life. Second, Poptent can film on location anywhere in the U.S., or for that matter, the world, without spending a ton of money on sending a creative team packing to the far reaches of the globe. We are established in more than 140 countries with our creator network.”

How does this affect their community, and how do brands benefit? Perry continues, “Poptent’s community of professional creative talent now has more opportunities to earn cash and establish their creative skills on an ongoing basis without having to enter into competitive assignments. Poptent Productions also provides opportunities for members of our creative community to work directly with highly experienced executive producers — something that will enable them to grow professionally.”

Perry says, “The brands benefit by having access to a global network of fully vetted creative talent, so they can access the producer or producers best suited to address their assignment. Also, the brands benefit from having Poptent Productions’ executive producers involved, as the producers ensure that both the brands and the creative talent have everything they need to create and fully produce a segment to the exacting standards of the brand.”

That’s pretty amazing power in the video world. Let’s say you’re a brand and have a certain location in mind and are concerned about funding a production in a distant location. With more than 45,000 members in 140 countries, the chances are there is a production crew already living in the area where you want your video to be made. And they’ll do it professionally for a lower cost.  Plus, with experienced producers making sure the project is running smoothly, the concept gets carried through, the filmmakers get experience and money, and you know…it sounds like everybody wins in that deal.

Poptent is the natural evolution of our internet-connected world, where budding professionals can do the work they love, get discovered, and launch careers and not have to do the old process of banging on doors and sending resumes. And with Poptent’s vetting process, someone uniquely suited to a job can be called upon in a heartbeat.

Recently, Poptent created an ad for Dell during the BCS national championship game. The ad was made by a Poptent community member who had been picked out of 18 other invited video makers.  Here’s that ad:


For more Poptent, go to their website.  They are an excellent resource for just about any brand looking for a cost-effective way to get into video.