Our friends over at Break Media, have teamed up with Scripped.com, on a brand new online video contest. Well, sort of. Since all good video starts with a good script, that is actually what they’re seeking in the “Break’s Big Break” contest that will give one up-and-coming screenwriter the opportunity to have his or her script produced in partnership with the Break Media Creative Lab as a Break Original. The video will be distributed and promoted on Break.com. Damn, now if only I had time to finish mine up.Starting today and running for six weeks the contest is hosted over at Scripped and the panel of judges includes some big names in the biz including:

  • Actor and director, Ed Burns (Saving Private Ryan)
  • Writer Steven De Souza (Die Hard)
  • top executives from the Break Media development team
    • Jonathan Small, SVP Editorial and Programming
    • Greg Siegel, SVP Entertainment Development
    • Danila Koverman, VP Production
    • Andy Signore, Lead Creative of Original Content.

Since Break is paling a lot of emphasis on original content this year it could be a way to get a foot in the door and get your show made.

There will be five finalists who will pull down a cool $500, and a single, talented grand-prize winner will get a shot at making his video reality with the Break Media Creative Lab, the company’s in-house digital production studio. The winner will be invited to collaborate on the final video project and work in partnership with Break’s team of over 30 industry experts, actors, writers, directors, and producers at the company’s headquarters in Los Angeles.

That’s a pretty good deal. Are you frantically scribbling down notes for your script entry already?

“Break has always been a breeding ground for aspiring writers, directors, and actors, and is increasingly becoming an outlet for established Hollywood talent to experiment with new ideas,” said Jonathan Small, SVP Editorial and Programming for Break.

“The chance to work alongside top industry talent is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that could really take one lucky screenwriter’s career to the next level,” said Sunil Rajaraman, Founder and CEO of Scripped.com

Break has a plan for more than 1,000 original videos to be distributed through Break.com this year. That’s a pretty ambitious goal and this could be the beginning of the rise to stardom for one lucky bastard, I mean winner. Actually, Break is focusing on short form, so a thousand videos might only add up to 5,000 minutes of video online. That sounds pretty do-able as a goal for the year.

The winning scripts and writers will be unveiled on Scripped.com on June 1st, followed by the launch of the winning video on Break.com later that month. For complete contest guidelines visit: http://scripped.com/contests/breakmedia.