The Plex Media server and client are available for all manner of devices including Mac, iOS, Windows, Android and now, Google TV. That means you can pretty much set up one media server and then access it on just about any device you might have and want to get that content on.

Plex Available On Google TV

From the blog post over at Plex:

As you all know, unless you’ve been living under a tech rock, Google is pushing out Google TV 2.0 with support for Google Marketplace, and Plex is one of the 50 companies launching an app with the release. The media support in the new version is quite rich (e.g. you can play a 1080p MKV file without a problem), and at $99 we think this will be a really great device for Plex.

The only real catch, according to a more technical blog post there, is that the first release of GTV has very limited HLS support. HLS is what Plex requires to support transcoding.

The thing is, Google TV already has loads of container and codec support built in, so a lot of problems are already moot.

Though, it might still happen that Google TV can’t handle what you’re trying to pull from your computer in which case, Plex states, you’ll see one of these:

1. An Error Message – saying that you’re trying to play unsupported media – this is what we HOPE you’ll see.
2. Always Buffering – if you’re buffering for more than 20s or so there’s a good chance that you’ve fallen victim to this. Cancel out of the screen and try another video.
3. Video Only – can happen in the event that you try to play something that Google TV cannot natively support… unfortunately for Plex we don’t always get an indication from the device that there is no video so for now you’ll have to manually back out if this does in fact happen to you.
4. Audio Only – can happen in the event that you try to play something that Google TV cannot natively support. A common one is RAW DTS. For now – if you want to play these onto your GTV you’ll have to convert these to AC3 (or another supported codec) manually.

For all the info on what Plex for Google TV can and will do, head over to their blog.