Barely 3 hours after my arrival to Playlist Live and one thing is clearly apparent. YouTube no longer belongs to us. I say us like everyone who reads this article is going to be a creator or at least think they are a creator. But the fact of the matter is the days of YouTube belonging to the people making the content seem like a distant memory here at Playlist.

I can’t figure for the life of me why so many fans have descended upon Orlando already. Quite literally there were no events scheduled for yesterday, not even registration. And if you check today’s schedule, you won’t find anything on it for non-business passes outside of early registration. And yet here they are, throngs of fans, waiting in what I’m affectionately calling gaggles. I spotted my first gaggle of fans at the entrance to the hotel. They gave me a quick excited glance when I stepped out of the shuttle, like I’d be somebody they’d recognize, but it quickly turned to disappointment. Maybe they’ve never seen Behind the Reel. And the state of the lobby is crowded to say the least. It’s more like a swarm of gaggles, bottlenecking any doorway or stairway in hopes to box in their favorite YouTube star and get a selfie. And near the entrance to tower 3 there has been an ever-present gaggle that has ranged from 15-40 fans since I got here. Maybe that’s where the queen bee lives or something. And nightfall? Ha! Gaggles aren’t afraid of the dark.

Yet despite the persistent gaggles here at Playlist, I’m excited. I’m excited for the fact that YouTube has turned into such a growing industry of video creators. I’m excited that all of that content has inspired and entertained so many young people that they have chosen to spend their hard earned money (or their parents’) to come to Playlist Live and spend their time with all of these YouTubers. And most importantly (to me at least) is the fact I’m here on the ground level, soaking it all up and reporting it back for all of you.

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