Sony’s got one (sort of), Samsung does too, so why not Philips? Well, now, they do. Diva TV announced today that it has signed a deal with Philips TV at IFA Berlin to be the supplier of high quality movie entertainment for the Philips NetTV service.The deal only covers  the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland and includes current models of Philips 7000, 8000 and 9000 series TVs.

It seems like a good deal for NetTV users as they will get year-round access to DIVA’s online video library which contains both classics and new blockbusters from Hollywood.

In each market the films will be available in both the original as well as localized versions. Here’s something that’s a bit of a twist,  DIVA will enable NetTV users belonging to major migrant minority groups to view cinema favourites from their home countries.

NetTV’s easy to use navigation makes it simple for users to access DIVA’s catalogue of over 1,000 titles, from genres including action, comedy, thrillers and hit TV series. Apart from its paid offering DIVA provides free movies and preview trailers for users to browse. NetTV users will pay EUR  2.99 for 48 hour access to each film, and will be able to purchase films individually, on subscription or against a prepaid account.

Another interesting twist on the deal is the portability. One account means you can watch your purchased content on your TV, Android mobiles and other connected devices through the service’s web interface. DIVA also has plans to expand that coverage to the iPhone as well.

Deals like this are what will drive continued migration to online video services. The fact that you can have one account and access the content almost anywhere should prove a huge draw and pull people away from VOD services that can only be accessed via cable or satellite. As least I know this one won’t be available in my country without having to go look.