On May 29, The Onion presented a satirical article about a Tide video that is “the hottest thing on the web right now!”  It pointed out a lot of the things that get overplayed in this video sharing and acclaiming game, expressed in vague, excited terms.  It would have been easy for Tide and P&G to take this as a vicious sting, or ignore it, but they’ve decided to embrace it.  Hey, free publicity.  They immediately turned around a new ad two days later, making fun of themselves, and at the same time providing a new piece of content that backs their brand.  It’s the name of the game.  Hat tip, Nalts.

Tide’s Answer to The Onion Article

And so, in a quick turnaround, Tide put this video out, complete with the knowing title, “Cool New Tide Detergent Video:”


Yep, it’s kind of ridiculous.  But I think we can respect those who can take a joke better than those who react badly to it, and Tide went ahead and made cheeky content in return, attention begetting more attention, because now people all over the web are writing about it.

This definitely goes under the category of “meta.”  The Onion skewers a thing, Tide makes a thing in return, we talk about how great the thing is, and we all start sounding like the people The Onion is lampooning in the first place.  It’s a vicious cycle, but someone has to slosh around in it.

By the way, love this description under the video:

The Onion had some fun with Tide this week http://www.theonion.com/articles/hey-everybody-this-cool-new-tide-detergent-v… Now it’s our turn. Watch the cool new viral Tide Detergent video with cute, funny talking animals, an indie rock song, and an 80s-inspired rock star.

Good job, Tide, and The Onion, for making this possible.