PewDiePie is now the #1 most-subscribed channel on YouTube, overtaking what seemed to be the unstoppable freight train that is Smosh (and let’s be honest, they haven’t exactly stopped being popular or stopped gaining an incredible amount of subscribers).  We all knew this was going to happen.  The video gamecaster has been collected subs at a scorching rate, like more than some channels have gotten in their lifetime in a day or a week.  But, just like any reigning YouTuber before him, it may just get usurped in the next couple of months or so, and by an unlikely contender.

A Current Look at the Top 10 Most-Subscribed Channels on YouTube

The current top 10, courtesy of YouTube stats site VidStatsX:

top 10 august

As you can see, former #1 Ray William Johnson is now 6th, passed by the likes of Smosh, Jenna Marbles, and the current #1.  But you see two other channels that are gaining at a ridiculous rate and probably shouldn’t be a part of the equation: YouTube itself, and their Movies division.  Their TV Shows channel is at 10, too.

It will be an interesting debate as to whether those channels actually deserve to be on this list, since YouTube pretty much has an advantage over everyone else…and it also brings up this question: who’s subscribing to the YouTube channel for whatever reason?  Sure, they have a “Geek Week” now and again…maybe people are subscribing because the channel provides “new music” and “trending today” updates…but very little content that is theirs.  It’s all what’s happening on other channels.

Getting back to PewDiePie, he will almost certainly be the first to hit 12 million over the weekend, and Smosh should also cross that threshold in the next few days.