Most pre-roll advertisements seem to be web counterparts of ads that are made for TV or are so generic they fail to grab my attention. Some of those ads may work for TV, but not for the web. Like most online viewers, my finger hovers over the “skip this ad” button, ready to instantly click as soon as it’s enabled.

However, the pre-roll ad for Madagascar 3 does it differently. So much so that not only did I watch and enjoy the ad, but I even feel compelled to share it here! This is easily the best pre-rol I’ve seen on YouTube.

Madagascar 3 has 5 seconds before people click “skip” and in that short amount of time they:

  1. Addressed the audience
  2. Asked a question
  3. Showed 7 fast-paced cuts

About 15 seconds later they address the audience again with some humor and a very clear call-to-action. And, although the video is 90 seconds long, the actual ad ends before 30 seconds, the point at which the advertiser would have to pay for a view. This lets them get in their entire message all before they have to fork over any cash to Google. Great pre-roll and smart ad execution.

Any other solid pre-roll ads you’ve seen on YouTube?