It’s still 2 months until the World Cup in Brazil, but Pepsi has wasted no time in fielding its ‘A’ team against Coca-Cola with the release of its new ad, “Now Is What You Make It #FutbolNow”. The new video ad offers 11 interactive detours, giving the viewer a level of control over the interactive elements and the story. At the end of the video you’ll see how many detours you could find. First goal to Pepsi for being ‘cool’

The main character in the video is YouTube sensation Stony, who recreates popular songs with the sounds of everyday objects. The video is a celebration of Rio street life as Stony meets some cool people on his walk through the back streets. Such as a star-studded list of players including Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, Manchester City’s Sergio Agüero, Chelsea’s David Luiz, Manchester United’s Robin van Persie, Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos and Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere.

‘Pepsi celebrates the passion and energy of football fans,” Messi is reported as saying. “It is a mesmerizing anthem, uniting us all – on the street or on a pitch – in a celebration of the moment.”

Finally he meets GRAMMY Award nominated Janelle Monae who is busking David Bowie’s classic “Heroes”. “I love everything the film stands for. To me, it is all about that extraordinary burst of courage and passion which can embolden everyday people in a moment of spontaneity, which is also the message of David Bowie’s venerable song,” said Monáe. “I was honored to join Pepsi for this campaign and remind people that now more than ever, we can all be heroes.”

Of course the video makes no mention of the World Cup. That’s because Pepsi isn’t an official sponsor – unlike Coca-Cola, who is. Pepsi may have scored the first goal for ‘cool’ but Coca-Cola says its marketing program around the 2014 World Cup is the largest in its history, so will ultimately win the game. Themed “The World’s Cup,” it celebrates soccer as a force for social good.

Wieden + Kennedy São Paulo produced the two minute video for Coco-Cola and its purpose is clearly described on YouTube: ‘Young men and women from cities and communities around the world were invited to the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil by Coca-Cola. From an isolated community in the Amazon in Brasil, to the forgotten city of Ramallah, Palestine, Eastern Europe, and the tsunami affected area of Otsuchi, Japan.

Because the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ is truly the World’s Cup and everyone is invited!Watch as a group of young footballers from small towns and cities around the world receive a once in a lifetime invitation from Coca-Cola to the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil.’

They are also fielding a large team of supporting players, including documentary-style short films (themed ‘Where Will Happiness Strike Next,’ an original musical anthem; a ‘Happiness Flag’ that will feature fan faces and messages; and a FIFA World Cup Trophy tour.

‘Just as Brasil is everyone’s country and Coca-Cola is everyone’s drink, the FIFA World Cup is everyone’s cup,” Joseph Tripodi, executive vice president and chief marketing and commercial officer for Coca-Cola, said in a statement. ‘Through ‘The World’s Cup,’ Coca-Cola wants to celebrate real people playing football, demonstrating how the game is a force for a more inclusive and connected world.’