The world of mobile video viewing just got a whole lot better, at least for iPhone owners, as PBS has released an iPhone app that streams full episodes of popular shows like Nova, Antiques Roadshow, Nature, & Frontline.  If you’re a fan of the mission and programming of PBS, as I am, this is music to your ears.

With the news earlier today that YouTube is now serving up 200 million video views per day to mobile devices, it’s clear that mobile video is rapidly increasing in popularity.  I’m honestly not sure we can fully grasp how big mobile video is becoming–I still can’t get my head around that 200 million number.  Regardless, the jump by PBS into the mobile-viewing world is a most welcome one, and makes content available to mobile devices that couldn’t be found with any other sources–though some PBS shows are available on Hulu.

The app is free, which sort of fits their overall mission, I think.  And in addition to the full episodes, users can also view smaller video segments or previews for upcoming programs.  You can view the upcoming schedule for the PBS station in your local market (they’re all slightly different), and set alarm-like reminders so you don’t miss out on any of your favorite content.

PBS has included built-in ways to share your favorite content with friends through social networks like Twitter and Facebook.  You can also easily purchase individual episodes you wish to own forever from right within the app.  Oh, and you can make a donation to PBS via the app as well, in case you’d like to help support the future of their outstanding programming.

All in all, it’s a rather robust app from PBS, and I’m already looking forward to a similar app release for Android–which I’m hoping is on the horizon.  You can learn more about the app or download it here.