With the rapidly blossoming expansion of original online series, I’ve been pondering a way to start curating some content via what I watch, because as this month-long online video viewing project I’m doing is going to show, I seem to watch a lot. Considering that it’s my main source of wind down time and video entertainment, it’s not a surprise. Since I cut the cable cord some months ago I’ve been slowly building up a set of shows that I watch weekly and it’s growing. With all the recent problems that DirecTV and Dish are having in their disputes with Viacom and AMC, I thought it might be high time for me to put together some content for you to use as filler in the gaps. Plus, you don’t need to pay for most of it!

I’ve been wanting to write something up like this for some time now but I had to sort of get into the groove and figure out what I was going to watch. With TV there’s so much to watch that you can get sucked in for hours and hours. With online, the shows are still shorter so while I feel I’m sated with video entertainment, I’ve still got extra time to do other stuff. Plus, it’s all on my own schedule. Which might seem weird since I’m about to give you a schedule of what I watch. I don’t always watch stuff when it premieres unless I happen to be around. Well, except for this first show which I usually am waiting for.

Mondays Leap Year – Hulu

First up is Leap Year (Sponsored by Hiscox Insurance) by Wilson Cleveland and the Baranovskys; Yuri and Vlad. It’s in its second season and it’s superb, sublime and maybe even succulent if you include their California Recursive Cuisine (watch season 2 to get it), as well as a whole lot of other good S words. It airs Mondays on Hulu. However, if you’re a night bird like me you can get it bright and early usually just after midnight Monday mornings. It’s a scripted show about a group of friends who have a tech startup and then mayhem ensues. It’s worth watching Season 1 before you get into Season 2. If you don’t like it at first, watch through episode 5 before giving up…

Sometimes on Mondays I’ll also catch The Flog which is Felicia Day doing geeky stuff as, Felicia Day. It’s a Geek & Sundry show on YouTube (you’ll see me mention them a lot).

Also on Mondays now, but I don’t generally watch on that day, is Spoilers with Kevin Smith, which I just recently wrote about because it is syndicated out to a Canadian cable station.


I generally do some catching up on stuff with Hulu on Tuesdays but it’s all TV-based stuff like MasterChef, Hell’s Kitchen and Eureka. I don’t have a new original web series for Tuesdays yet (if you’ve got one, drop me a line here and I’ll check it out). What I should probably be watching, to re-certify as a total geek, it The Guild. I know right?! But I have to begin from the beginning because, I, er…haven’t watched it at all. Yeah, I know, I’m asking for hate mail now. I get it, I get it…I’ll start watching it. Since I haven’t got anything on Tuesdays I should catch up fairly quickly.

Wednesdays – Save the Supers

A new show just started this week called Save the Supers, from Sandeep Parikh whom you might know from The Guild, if you’ve watched that. It’s brand new and premiered on My Damn Channel this week. I summed it up on Twitter as “Vulgar Superheroes FTW.” It’s something like a cross between the Watchmen and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It follows a group of heroes whose Federal funding is being cut and they have to find creative ways to make the ends meet, and pay for all the damage they do when they head out to thwart crime. The heroes all have issues they need to deal with and some are far from politically correct. It’s probably not safe for work, no, no…it’s really, not safe for work. Unless your work is to watch this kind of stuff, which I get to do.


And on the fourth day I said I shall rest my eyes! No, seriously, I just haven’t got anything that premieres on Thursdays at the moment and I generally do a film on the side of the house so I don’t watch much online.

Fridays – Tabletop -YouTube

Tabletop, with Wil Wheaton, offers a 20-40 minute look at a tabletop game – board, card, dice or otherwise. It generally features other celebs like Colin Ferguson (Eureka) and Felicia Day (too much to list and, you know, The Guild) and even Steve Jackson (no not the video game Steve Jackson, or the other video game one, the Steve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games who made awesome stuff like Car Wars, Zombie Dice, and Munchkin), and Internet personalities like Meghen Camarena (YouTube’s Strawburry17, who I want to be in my web series now).

The show is every other Friday and in between there are extended interviews with the players, and gag reels. It’s done by Geek & Sundry which publishes other stuff, like, er, The Guild (how many times can I say it in one article!?).

Odd little fact: Tabletop is the only show I have streamed in its entirety, to my iPad in July. Weird, I know. I just didn’t want to wait until I got home.

Weekends – Catch up

On the weekends I generally catch up with some other shows on Hulu like The Yard and Rev (love them both!) plus whatever else I might have missed during the week. I also track a few other shows that I watch sporadically like The Offenders which is just getting going and the first Koldcast entry into the article, Super Knocked Up – a comedic look at super heroes gettin’ it on!. It’s on hiatus right now but you can catch up with Season one until they have new episodes. It’s loads (pun!) better than that Canadian superhero show I watched on Koldcast.

Finally, on Sunday nights, because Turner sucks and requires authentication to watch full episodes online, I have to watch Falling Skies on TNT which generally requires me to watch my cruddy basic cable or go somewhere to watch it, or have someone DVR it. I can see why they have authentication, they’re a cable channel and you have to pay to get their stuff, but really…no online subscription plan? I mean come on, get a grip on the digital age Turner.

I also just re-subscribed to Netflix because of their original web series programming. I’m rather enjoying my catch up with Lilyhammer which I find quite funny at times. Sure, it’s cliche at times and the culture clash idea is nothing new and Steven Van Zandt pretty much plays the same character he did in the Sopranos, but still, it’s funny. Some of the cliche situations are spun on their head because of the Norwegian injection and some are exactly what you might find in other sitcoms.

That’s a Wrap

I didn’t really see anyone doing a sort of monthly look at what’s going on in original web series. We all write about the big stuff like money getting thrown at it but then no one ever seems to watch the stuff and report back. So I’m doing just that. I do have a sort of quirky sense of humor so you might not like all the stuff I put out here. That’s fine, I am just giving you some options you might not have been aware of. Tabletop and Leap year are my top two right now for non-scripted and scripted shows. They’re definitely worth looking into if you like that sort of thing.

Wow, I just realized there’s an inordinate amount of superhero stuff in my viewing. Research for my own series? Probably.

Have you got a show that premieres new episodes on a regular basis, scripted or unscripted, fact or fiction? Drop me a line and let me know, I’m always happy to check something out and maybe mention it in the next Web Series to Watch. Email me crick at Reelseo or catch me on Twitter.