Wow, remember when AOL Video was just a tiny little project that had almost no content, no real driving force apparently and not all that many viewers? Well, maybe they had some viewers, but I wouldn’t have considered them the place to go online to get new web series. In fact, I don’t really ever go there at all. But now, with their newly announced set of new web series, that may all change.

New Original AOL Web Series

Each program will be programmed and distributed across AOL Huffington Post Media Group sites, providing marketers an opportunity to align their brand messages with distinct target audiences. In addition, marketers can extend their reach by accessing AOL’s library of more than 300,000 curated premium videos.

So really it seems like they are creating content specifically to complement certain types of advertising and hopefully generate more ad revenue than they laid out for the production of the web series, that’s very clever of them since many advertisers seem more interested in being on complementary content these days than in the past.

Sure, AOL might hang out in the top ten comScore video metrix listings, 7th in September with 40MM unique viewers and 5th in minutes/viewer, but name 3 shows they produce online. Well, starting today, that might be far easier as they have started the roll out of the new shows which span a wide range of topics and many of which are produced in-house by the AOL Studios team in AOL’s state-of-the-art HD studios in Los Angeles and New York.

For Women

  • Little Women, Big Cars: From bake sales and soccer games to gossip and divorce, four moms navigate the comedy and drama of suburban life. Starring Ed Begley Jr., Antonio Sabato, Jr., Julie Warner and Kristy Swanson. Produced by Vuguru.
  • A Supermodel Stole My Husband: A lighthearted makeover show in which a frustrated wife enlists an adored supermodel to help transform her husband. Produced by AOL Studios.
  • Heidi Klum on AOL: A guide to fabulous living for everyday women, including fashion, beauty, parenting, lifestyle, fitness and nutrition. Produced by Full Picture.
  • Jocks & Jills: Sports show meets The View in a fresh and funny sports talk show hosted by a rotating panel of diverse celebrity guests. Produced by Flavor Unit Productions.
  • Lost in Translation: Reality series following a hip-hop DJ and famous ‘Nuyorican,’ as she attempts to learn Spanish, learn to cook, date and reclaim her Puerto Rican heritage. Produced by Flavor Unit Productions.
  • Fearless Living: Based on her best-selling book On Becoming Fearless, Arianna Huffington looks at the many aspects of living a fearless life – from motherhood and parenting to beauty and health to navigating the workplace to friendship, relationships and aging gracefully. Produced by AOL Studios.

For Men

  • AutoBlog – The List: Hosts who consider themselves true automotive aficionados must tackle crazy car challenges from ‘The List,’ created by Autoblog’s expert editors. Produced by AOL Studios.
  • The Interface: Exclusive performances from breaking artists, including the best up-and-coming artists such as Mumford and Sons, Rogue Wave, Manchester Orchestra and The National. Produced by AOL Studios.
  • MMA Hour: Get up close and personal with the celebrities of the MMA Fighting world, from the Web’s best MMA Fighting resource. Produced by AOL Studios.
  • The Engadget Show: Industry leaders and tech luminaries take the stage in front of one of the largest audiences of tech enthusiasts. Produced by AOL Studios.

For General Audiences

  • The Tanning Effect: Steve Stoute, best-selling author of The Tanning of America, interviews entertainment icons and pop-culture thought leaders including Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams; the series is sponsored by State Farm. Produced by AOL Studios.
  • Sessions: Original, exclusive performances with hitmakers such as Alicia Keys and Adele. Produced by AOL Studios.
  • Unscripted: Celebrity co-stars interview each other – with users’ burning questions. Past talent includes Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Aniston, Robert Pattinson and Adam Sandler. Produced by AOL Studios.
  • You’ve Got: Everyday, everyone from Barack Obama to Kevin Bacon to Paula Abdul tells the world what ‘You’ve Got.’ Produced by AOL Studios.

For Teens & Young Adults

  • CliffsNotes Films: Short, animated, irreverent versions of literary classics, produced by Mark Burnett, Coalition Films and AOL Studios and Executive produced by Josh Faure-Brac. Columbia Pictures’ film Anonymous (in theaters October 28th) is the exclusive sponsor of the first six episodes.
  • AIM High: TV broadcast-quality action series following Nick Green as he juggles high school with being a secret government agent. Starring Jackson Rathbone from Twilight and Aimee Teegarden from Friday Night Lights. Produced by Warner Bros.

Oddly, that lists 16 shows, of which Sessions and You’ve Got are not new, so then it’s 14 when they say “more than 15 new shows,” maybe I’m just being pedantic.

The list certainly goes to show the changes that have happened over at AOL in the recent past as AOL Video became its own unit and now seems to have a sizable budget and is pulling in some interest from other studios as well. This is the culmination of a lot of planning and a couple acquisitions like 5Min and StudioNow. I look forward to seeing how this new set of content affects their comScore ratings.