Blinkx has partnered with Orb Networks and everything they’ve got in the catalog is available through Orb products. If you don’t know Orb, they are a DLNA server and streaming media company. Their product works on PC, and Mac and also comes in some hardware configurations as well (see below). They also have Orb BR which comes as a Blu-Ray Player version that works on the Playstation 3 and some other connected BD players to turn them into media centers.

Orb Adds blinkx

Orb TV and BR give customers access to media from a variety of places now like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and now, Blinkx. This is a continuation of the screen convergence we’ve been seeing. More and more online content is being made available to the TV screen which means it is more easily discovered and viewed by those who don’t want to use their PC screen to see it.

Here’s some info on Orb TV and BR:

Orb TV ($99), a hockey puck-sized device that plugs into any TV, enables consumers to stream online video, photos and music to a TV. It is easy to set up and simply controlled through a smartphone app (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, and Android Tablet), or using any computer. In addition to blinkx content, Orb TV provides consumers with easy access to thousands of movies and TV shows through services such as Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, Hulu and Comedy Central. Orb TV also allows consumers to stream their personal content – including home movies, downloaded files, photos and music – from any PC to a TV screen.

Orb BR ($19.99) is a software solution that leverages the power of PS3s and connected Blu-ray players to bring users the same content as Orb TV – without any additional hardware purchase. Orb BR transforms a Blu-ray player into a complete streaming solution – and all controlled using a smartphone. With today’s announcement, Orb BR brings blinkx content to the millions of PS3s and connected Blu-ray players in the market.