Lights, camera, Action! ReelSEO is a proud media partner of the Open Video Conference. Set for 1-2, October 2010, the conference will highlight industry leaders from business, academia, art and activism, bringing them together to discuss technical and creative innovation in the online video space.

The show is present by the Open Video Alliance which strive for free and open video technologies to help push online video beyong what it is today and help continue its rapid expansion. This is not just about HTMl5 and which codec to use, this is about open tools all the way from shooting and editing through display and distribution and right into user interaction.

About The Open Video Conference:

The Open Video Conference is set to play host to over 800 speakers, hold over 150 workshops and will of course stream out ot the web. Speakers include Damian Kulash, lead singer and guitarist of rock band OK Go (who have had quite a bit of success with video online), Swedish Pirate Party and European Parliament member Amelia Andersdotter, Tania Yuki, Senior Director, Cross Media/Video Products, comScore, Jean-Baptiste Kempf developer and contributor, VLC Player and more. The schedule is shaping up and begins with a keynote from Tim Wu, Professor of law at Columbia Law School and chair of Free Press before it breaks out into concurrently running sessions.

HTML5 will definitely be covered with HTML5 player showcase/How to Build an HTML5 player, HTML5 Delivery Across Platforms: Overcoming Challenges, Steaming HTML5 in Open Formats, HTML5 and the web: Lessons learned from Opera, HTML5 Video and Advertising: What You Need to Know.

There’s also a long series on the creative side of making video for online consumption, a series on web video, a series on technology and its uses including encoding, archiving, and using technology in educaiton and a whole lot of talk about copyright, protection and defense.

Also on the agenda is a Film Festival, an After Party featuring a performance by Eclectic Method and the following day a MemeFactory performance. Sunday will see an OVC Hack Lab (free to the public) at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program for an all-day open space gathering for innovators of all stripes. Meet and collaborate with conference attendees, HTML5 developers, transmedia storytelling experts, and more.

One weekend can get you up to speed on all the latest from the Open Video space and fill in all the blanks you’ve been wondering about.  If you want to learn more about the conference – you can view the agenda/schedule here.  Tickets are only $35 (for students with valid ID),  $75 (for non-profit/individual), and $200 (professionals and affiliates).  You can register here for the Open Video Conference.  Mark Robertson from ReelSEO will be at the event and says, “hope see you all there.”