Ooyala has been steadily growing a base of happy customers with their online video management tool. They provide custom video players, video distribution, deep analytics, and also video monetization options through ad network relationships. And now, with a new just-announced partnership with YuMe, Ooyala is also able to offer an even easier ad management platform to implement and manage.

Access to the YuMe ad platform is only for Ooyala customers with a Professional or Enterprise account. And those aren’t cheap. Which is just one of the ways Ooyala is hoping to ensure that the customers participating are ones producing outstanding content.

Now, right off the bat let’s make one thing clear: Ooyala customers already have access to tons of ad networks, which they can participate in to earn extra revenue from their videos. So what’s unique about this deal? Well, in addition to YuMe being a fairly big fish in the video-ad-network pond, this also marks the first time Ooyala customers will be able to tap into an ad network without already having a previously established account of their own with that network.

So… it’s like being able to turn Google Adsense on for your blog without actually having to set up an Adsense account. Now that’s pretty cool. Additionally, YuMe’s platform also helps solve an issue for many Ooyala customers–monetizing international traffic with ads.

Here’s Ooyala’s President of Products Bismarck Lepe (he’s also the co-founder) on the new partnership:

“The partnership between YuMe and Ooyala has already provided important benefits for our shared customers, and with the explosion of video viewership we wanted to give publishers access to more advertising inventory to easily monetize all of their traffic – independent of where it comes from. YuMe’s deep technology and successful execution made them the perfect choice to launch our yield optimization service.”

This sounds like a pretty cool development for Ooyala customers, which include Dell, ESPN, & Rolling Stone magazine. They’ll be able to tap into the power of YuMe’s ad platform without having to create and manage a separate YuMe account. Of course, those customers that advertise through YuMe’s platform will now also gain a huge new catalog of quality video content on which to place ads.