Ooyala, a provider of video monetization products and services, has introduced a new product called Ooyala Paywall.  Typically the word “paywall,” in Internet terms, refers to a blockade between users and a portion of the content they’re after, and that’s exactly what this product is.  It’s a smooth, integrated way for video publishers to take payment from their customers for video views.

To create Paywall, Ooyala partnered with Pal Pal.  Users will be able to use their regular credit card or their PayPal account to submit payment.

Payment for the video view is done right within the browser and, once complete, allows the video to continue playing.  The goal is to allow smaller publishers to have the same power and flexibility as iTunes or the YouTube rental store.  This is how it will look:

As the screenshot suggests, publishers will be able to set a section of their video to serve as a “preview.”  Users will see that preview, and then will be shown the Paywall–publishers have the ability to set the length of the preview.  And it works with standard video and live-streaming video as well.  Sweet.

Already there are publishers using Paywall, such as LATV Networks and Sportfive, and the new product is baked right into Ooyala’s publishing and analytics platform, Backlot.  Take a look at what Jay Fulcher, Ooyala’s CEO, has to say about the new product:

This is pretty awesome, and timely.  More and more video creators are looking for ways to monetize their videos beyond simple advertising options provided by YouTube.  If Ooyala’s Paywall is as flexible and easy-to-use as they say, then I can see it catching fire with publishers.  Though it remains to be seen exactly how ready viewing audiences are for this kind of thing.