ooyala_logoJust today, Ooyala announced a complete overhaul and new release of their online video analytics platform, Backlot Analytics.

Christophor Rick, one of ReelSEO’s talented columnists, had some time to discuss this exciting new functionality with Ooyala’s Lead Analytics Engineer, Venkat Jonnadula.

ReelSEO: What advantage or marketing edge does this new package give Ooyala and the Backlot service over the competition?

Ooyala: Backlot Analytics is designed to measure client-side viewing engagement. As we see an increasing interest in the monetization of content, knowing how viewers are interacting with video and how much video is consumed is becoming very important. These measurements will change the economics of online video advertising and will help maximize the potential for ROI. With our new version of Analytics we provide content owners, video publishers and advertisers detailed information about their video delivery and advertising campaigns enabling them to grow their online business intelligently and effectively.

ReelSEO: I understand that there is a customizable dashboard, how many reports can be included on the dashboard itself and how specific can these reports be?

Ooyala: Yes, the Dashboard is customizable. The goal was to create an interface that enables organizations to display metrics and key performance indicators that are most important to their business. There is no limit to the amount of reports that can be included in the dashboard. All reports offered in the Analytics console can be added to the dashboard. The reports shown on the Dashboard display metrics on an account level. In the next release, the Dashboard will display metrics on an individual video level as well.

ReelSEO: In the engagement reporting, what metrics are provided in order to better determine interaction with the videos?

Ooyala: The Engagement reports show how viewers are interacting with your video. There are two kinds of reports: Segment Watched and Percent Watched. The Segment Watched report illustrates the viewing engagement at various points in the video. The Percent Watched report shows how much (percent) of the video was watched. We do track some interactions such as skip. Based on customer feedback we are willing to track other interaction points mentioned above in the coming releases.

ReelSEO: There’s a new Analytics API.  However, we know that not all video content publishers are IT savvy. How easy is this to integrate into an existing project and what support or documentation is offered in regards to the API?

Ooyala: The Ooyala Analytics API provides a programmatic interface to retrieve various data on various video and channel metrics. Each query requires a mode, date range, result granularity, and an output format. The two modes for the API are per-account level and per-video/channel. The account-level interface provides for queries such as “Top 50 most played videos” and “Top 10 most displayed channels” on an account-wide basis. The content-level interface provides information on a specific video or channel and can include a variety of metrics. Currently available output formats are XML.

ReelSEO: In regards to the geographical reporting functionality, how specific is the reporting and can users drill down to a specific region of a country and/or a specific city?

Ooyala: The Geographical Distribution report shows where viewers are watching your video. The distribution reflects the selected metrics for that country, across your whole account. The country with the most viewing traffic is represented in a different color. We have plans to add more granular information in the coming releases.

ReelSEO: Finally, Many video hosting services offer analytics and metrics, what one thing should really stand out to potential clients and make them want to switch or at least check out Ooyala?

Ooyala: Backlot is an enterprise grade solution that can be used by the masses. All features and functionalities in the Backlot platform are extensible, scalable, and can be completely customized. We provide the most relevant client side behavioral metrics in a user friendly, interactive, interface empowering our customers to make intelligent business decisions.

Thanks Ooyala and Christophor!

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