Looking for video sharing websites that are safe for kids? Look no further. I have compiled a list of online video sharing resources that are safe for children and approved by parents.

Most of these sites offer free registration for users but require the parents to approve the registration and sign up. In addition, some of these sites give the user names and passwords to the parents so that they can keep an eye on what children are watching. In addition, most often these sites have reviewers who moderate uploaded videos, comments, etc… to assure appropriate content only is included.

Kidvideos.com – Kid-friendly videos made by kids, for kids

Kidvideos.com launched in September, billed as a YouTube for kids. It’s even designed to look a bit like YouTube — with more primary colors.

All videos are prescreened for inappropriate content and viewer’s comments are monitored for positive user-to-user interaction. Kids can watch videos which are organized by category and then share their favorites with friends, or they can register to start a favorites list, rate videos, add comments, and upload their very own masterpieces.

Specific guidelines are given for video submissions (file type and size, frame rate and size), in addition to tips on how to describe, name, and tag videos for the search tool. There are even contests with cool kid prizes. The site also provides links to learn more about making movies for young aspiring producers and directors.

iCarly.com – Kids Web Show

Nickelodeon expands into the realm of TV-Web integration, asking viewers to contribute their tame videos and photos to the series through iCarly.com. Kids can also get news, read blogs, watch videos from other kids, and more. The site’s graphics and layout are clean, energetic, easy to navigate, and completely feel-good, and the content is squeaky clean. Kids are encouraged to flex their creative muscles by learning what it takes to produce their own Web show.

TurboNick – Internet TV for Kids

Nickelodeon’s “Turbonick” site offers videos from Nick shows — and a Me:TV section, which allows kids to upload and share their own videos. This site enables kids a chance to watch popular Nickelodeon TV shows on their computers. Full-length episodes of series like SpongeBob SquarePants, for example, can be viewed and rated.Because kids can rate all the content themselves, users can choose to see just the top-rated videos.

“Mash-Up Central” is a cool application that the offer which lets users create their own Nick-inspired movie using video clips, graphics, transitions, and music. If a kid creates a exceptional Mash-up, it might even end up on TV!

The user interface is designed for low reading skills. Kids click on pictures rather than words. Unfortunately, the interface is a little hard to use. It’s not always clear what needs to be clicked in order to select a game or video. Select a “channel” on the left. More choices will pop up on the right of the channel area. If you want to play a video, look for the “play” arrow inside that video’s window. The Games section has a different set of controls on the top right. A more consistent user interface would be a welcome addition. There are also a ton of commercials on this site so you will have to wait through those ads which is a bit annoying.

Kidzbop.com – User Generated Kids Videos

Yes, this site is provided by the CD-selling empire that is Kidz Bop. But no purchase is necessary to watch and upload videos. The site promotes the heck out of the franchise, and its store doesn’t hesitate to send kids to its MusicSpace page to buy related merchandise. Besides marketing, the main feature of KidzBop.com is user-generated videos. Kids can upload clips of themselves singing, dancing, or lip-syncing to pop songs. Kids can rate each other’s videos but not post comments or chat. Parents get an email when their kid registers or uploads a video, but the site isn’t very user-friendly. It’s difficult to find a profile or video, and there’s no search engine. With thousands of pages of profiles, good luck finding your kid’s content just by browsing. Also, there’s no way to delete a video without wiping out the whole profile.