Below is a list of several sources online where you can learn more about online video production. Although clearly these are no substitute for professional training, these are great courses for those looking to learn more about online video production for purposes of video sharing online and/or amateur video production.

  • The Media College. They have a large variety of tutorials on different topics. This is a very high quality website on film and video production.
  • The BBC provides a free Training and Development Course on film production that anyone can view online. This is the one of the best resources for online training in video and film production. This course covers video production as well as techniques to improve your skills when on location shooting. This is an excellent overview of the basics of filmmaking.
  • Studio Daily is an online filmmaking publication that has a user friendly layout and provides a lot of interesting details on film production today along with some good tutorials for a variety of media production.
  • Apple provides a videography for educator’s training resource which provides tutorials aimed at those in the education arena. However, anyone can benefit from this resource.
  • Videomaker has an excellent assortment of articles on the subject. While this is not as much an interactive training course, it is still an excellent resource for learning more.
  • Internet Campus has a pretty good and in-depth free, Interactive Course in Studio and Field Production

Finally, here are some additional sources that may be useful:

  • Production Glossary
  • Seven Deadly Sins of Camerawork
  • More Video Production Tips and Posts