As most of you know, an online video platform provides companies with video hosting and delivery services among various other features and functionality that can vary (analytics, ad networks, HD support, etc...).  Many of these online video platforms (and there are just too many right now in my opinion but that is another post entirely) offer an API (Application Programming Interface.) An API exposes the features and functions of a platform thus enabling others to seamlessly integrate core video functionality within their own applications.

Below is a list of Online video platform APIs along with some information as to pricing. If you have any questions or updates, please leave them in the comments field below.

Online Video Platform Starting Price HD API Libraries Commercial Video Permitted 3rd Party Ad Support Protocols Data Formats
Large & Enterprise Businesses, Media, etc...
Brightcove Contact Y Y Y Y JavaScript -
Ooyala Contact Y Y Y Y JavaScript -
Permission Tv Contact Y N Y Y SOAP, REST JSON, XML
Delve $249/mo Y N Y Y - -
Kaltura Open Source Y Y Y Y REST JSON
LiveClicker Contact Y Y Y NA REST XML
Vmix Contact Y Y Y Y REST JSON, XML
Small & Medium Businesses, Merchants, etc...
Apideo Contact N N Y N JavaScript -
Bitsontherun Pay as you go Y Y Y Y - JSON, XML
Sesamevault $49/mo Y Y Y N REST XML, JSON, YAML
Twistage Contact N Y Y Y REST XML, RSS, JSON
VideoPublishing $49/mo Y Y Y N XML RPC XML
vzaar Pay as you go Y Y Y N REST JSON, XML
VideoBloom $19/mo Y N Y Y XML RPC XML
Video Hosting Services & Platforms
Bliptv Contact Y Y N Y REST, FTP RSS, JSON
Livestream $350/mo Y N Y Y - -
Revver Open Source N Y Y N XML-RPC XML
viddler $100/mo Y Y Y N REST XML
vimeo $59/yr Y Y N N REST XML, JSON, Serialized PHP
YouTube Free Y Y Y N - GData, Atom