The amount of online video we watch via our smartphones and tablets is set to double this year according to Ooyala’s latest 2013 Q2 Global Video Index report. Viewers using mobile phones are watching video content for longer with over half watching for 10 minutes or longer and one fifth watching for over an hour. Live streamed content is proving more popular than video on demand with almost double the viewing figures for second screen devices and 15 times the amount on desktops and laptops.

Ooyala acknowledge that the majority of television viewing still occurs via traditional methods but confirm that more of us are watching online video than ever. Of course, the boom in the take up of ever more affordable second screen devices plays a huge part in the growing viewing figures but so does the increased availability of premium, long-form content.

mobile and tablet video plays

Highlights Of The Report

  • Viewers using mobile phones spend more than half their viewing time watching videos longer than 10 minutes and 20% of their viewing time on videos longer than 60 minutes.
  • Mobile audiences watch live video nearly twice as long as on-demand video.
  • Mobile video plays reach a daily peak between between 8pm and 10pm and a weekly peak on Friday and Saturday nights
  • Tablet viewing spikes early in the morning and in the evening each day. Friday night is the most popular time for watching online video via a tablet device.
  • During Monday to Friday, online video consumption via a PC rises steadily during office hours
  • PCs are the only platform on which the majority of video plays are for content shorter than six minutes.
  • Viewers want to watch online video and will use the most convenient vehicle to hand depending on time of day, location and activity being undertaken.

Mobile Video Viewing Q2 2013

The share of video viewing on smartphones increased by 28% in Q2 of this year and by a staggering 41% in the first 6 months of 2013. Live streaming content is the clear winner when it comes to the choice of video watched.

mobile video

Tablet Video Viewing Q2 2013

Watching live streamed news, sports and entertainment over VoD content is even more popular on tablets than it is on mobiles – 4 times as much in fact. Tablet users also spent more than half their viewing time watching long form content.  

tablet video viewing Q2 2013

Desktop/Laptop Video Viewing Q2 2013

Despite all the hoopla, the PC is still a huge force for delivering online video content, particularly in office hours and later in the evening. PC viewers watch an average of 41 minutes of live content per play, approximately 15 times the amount they watch VoD.

pc video Q2 2013

Ooyala’s Predictions For The Future Of Online Video:

  • Broadcasters and media companies need an aggressive mobile video strategy to keep up with user demand.
  • Companies taking a one-size-fits all approach to programming and advertising across all devices will soon find themselves well behind the competition.

It will be fascinating to see how Q4 2013 fares after the release of Apple’s cheapest smartphone yet. You can download the full report here for more information on the methodology used (registration required)