Comscore just released a study of online video engagement in Germany, and the results are a continuing testament to the growth of online video outside of the United States.  46.9 million German Internet users went to online video in March, a 2.3% increase from last year.  More importantly, the average time German users spent watching online video increased over 33%.  So the country is watching more and staying around more, which is good news for online video destinations around the world as the advertising model has been a blazing hot topic this year.

Comscore Results For Germany Show Remarkable Growth

Here’s a look at the graph from Comscore.  Some of it is obviously in German, but as always, “Google Sites” leads the charge:

A pretty interesting note from Social Barrel points out that the video game channels are the most popular, and Bigpoint is top dog in Germany, gathering 5.6 million viewers, beating out one of the top channels, period, Machinima, which saw 4.2 million in the country.  Bigpoint’s viewership has grown over 80% since October.  Amazing.

The Social Barrel article quotes Comscore senior account manager Peter Bern Schneider concerning YouTube’s presence in Germany.  What it boils down to is that in the US and England, brands are using YouTube to attract audiences, and hopefully, customers, but in Germany it’s not as prevalent.  That’s why seeing a graph like this is so important, because advertisers can see how many people watch online video and better concentrate their efforts.

Here’s a part of Schneider’s quote concerning brands on YouTube:

It seems that the potential of YouTube channels in German-speaking countries are not fully utilized, but with the new metrics that are available now, can change that quickly.

Absolutely.  Another thing this shows (again) is that online video reaches a worldwide audience, and the potential customers that are out there are vast.  It’s a reminder not to concentrate solely on English-speaking regions of the world.