Last week, Advertising Age published a piece about the growth of YouTube in Brazil. It’s a stunning and rapid growth, and one that’s getting the attention of advertisers from around the world. Combined with the recent moves in that market from Poptent and Netflix, it’s just one more piece of evidence that there’s a video revolution going on in Brazil.

You might remember earlier this year when Netflix announced a pretty major move into Latin America. Actually, if you were caught up in the Netflix price hike controversy, you might not have heard about the Latin America thing at all–it got kind of buried in a sea of “I hate Netflix” articles around the web.

And 6 months ago Poptent moved into Brazil in a major way by opening offices there. And Poptent is all about crowdsourced video, so if they’re moving into Brazil it means there are not only a growing number of video viewers in Brazil, but also video creators. The entire video ecosystem is flourishing down there.

Surge In Brazilian Online Video Draws Advertisers

The Ad Age piece talks with Mystery Guitar Man (AKA Joe Penna), who says he’s noticed a surge of traffic to his videos from Brazil–he estimates as much as 30% of his audience is coming from Brazil (compared to only 5% or 10% when he began). Captions played a big role:

“Lately it’s accelerated, especially when I started putting closed captions in Portuguese on my videos.”

The growth in online video in Brazil is running parallel to the growth of the economy there. While only 40% of Brazilians will be online in 2012, they’ll still manage to make Brazil the 6th largest audience in the world based on video views.

A whopping 79% of those Brazilians that do have Internet use YouTube! And you think it’s booming now… just wait until that other 60% of the population starts getting access to broadband.

So now the ad dollars are beginning to flow that direction as well. Major brands like Visa, Nissan, and Burger King are pushing heavily into the Brazilian online video market with ads like this one from Burger King featuring Brazilian MMA star Anderson Silva:

Here’s a Nissan commercial that did very well in Brazil:

It’s only a matter of time before most video marketers and video creators will need to be proactive about targeting foreign audiences like Brazil. Maybe you’re already doing some things to attract international audiences–like captions in Portuguese like Mystery Guitar Man?

What things are you doing with your videos to take advantage of the rapid growth of online video around the world?