The Old Spice Man is back. Yes, he’s still in a towel, but because it’s Christmas season, he’s also wearing a festive scarf. And he’s traded the bathroom as a setting for something that is either a cabin in the woods or a sauna (or both). And he’s on a holiday campaign to give a gift to every single person on the planet.

Old Spice Man Customizing Videos For Five Days Of Christmas

Back in 2010 when Old Spice absolutely owned all other companies in online video marketing, they started with a series of clever and fun commercials. But the cherry on top was the day of personalized videos from Old Spice man to everyone from Perez Hilton to random non-famous Twitter followers. Hundreds of videos were created, and as a result millions and millions of views were generated.

For this new campaign, they’ve skipped the build up and gone straight to the cherry. A quick look at their YouTube channel shows 13 videos in the last couple days–the Old Spice YouTube Channel says this is day 3 of 5 on the campaign.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of the “gifts” Old Spice Man has already handed out in the campaign. Here’s the first video they released to kick things off:

Then he gifted the entire city of Baltimore with a personalized letter:

Then he reminded Australia of a gift he’d already given them:

Oh, and in China, the Shanghai commuters were given the gift of a timely green light:

Even the citizens of the most remote island city in all the world got a gift:

You can head over to the Old Spice YouTube channel to check out all the videos–they even have playlists of each day’s videos throughout the five day campaign.

Old Spice Is Still King Of Online Video Marketing

Until someone comes along and does something half as clever as these guys, Old Spice will continue to rule the online video marketing roost. While plenty of companies make funny or clever campaigns, Old Spice seems to be one of the only ones willing to go full bore and just get crazy with the amount of video. This is the third campaign (counting the original Old Spice campaign and then the Fabio Vs. Old Spice Man campaign earlier this year) involving a great many smaller videos instead of one big ad.

It doesn’t matter that most of the individual videos don’t go viral–the sum total of views for all the clips in the campaign will definitely be a “viral” number. And the company gets all kinds of buzz, likes, shares, and media mentions (like this one) because the campaign is so unique, original, and personalized. The goal isn’t for any one video to get millions of views, but rather for the campaign as a whole to do so.

As online video continues evolving… so will our video marketing goals and strategies. Video is affordable and easy enough that a campaign like this–with customized videos and huge number of them–isn’t adding a ton of expense. But they get a heck of a lot more bang for their buck going this route. I would expect to see several companies mimic this strategy moving forward–though, to be honest, I would have expected that already.