In Friday’s viral video round up, I linked to a new Old Spice commercial starring long-haired model, Fabio, and even implied that I thought he was a dull choice to follow up the pitchman antics of Isaiah Mustafa and NFL player Ray Lewis. Turns out, I jumped the gun, and Old Spice hasn’t parted ways with Mustafa at all. The entire thing was a set up, and the two pitchmen will go at it today at 12 noon Eastern Time.

I should have known that Old Spice wasn’t done with Mustafa. And I should have given them more credit than just assuming they’d moved on with a clean slate and a new spokesman. One of the new Old Spice videos starring Fabio sees the male model issue a challenge to Isaiah Mustafa. You can see that video here:

And now Mustafa is firing back, accepting the challenge from Fabio. (He also claims credit for ending the lockout and returning the NFL to the football fans of the world… cute). Here’s his response:

So what’s going down today at 12 noon Eastern? I have no idea. And I wouldn’t even dare to venture a guess. I’ve second-guessed Old Spice for the last time, though, and I’m willing to bet that whatever they’ve got planned will be fun and funny, and will likely go viral in a matter of hours.

Set your alarms, and plan to be at today at noon to see what happens when Isaiah Mustafa (Old Spice Man) and Fabio go Mano a Mano en el bano.