Ahh Old Spice, the body spray that turns young boys into men and forces their mothers to stalk them mercilessly, while mourning the loss of their son’s childhood innocence as they discover *gasp* girls. The new ads from the Old Spice stable, uploaded to YouTube on the 3rd January and already nearing 1.5 million views between them, feature their new line of body sprays (Bearglove and Lionpride!) and are aimed at the young male demographic.

Created by Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, the ads are part of the new “Smellcome to Manhood” campaign for the company. One of the ads, “Mom Song”, aired during the NFL playoff games on Sunday and has created a huge buzz online mostly due to the way the creepy mothers magically appear around their sons on date night, lamenting the way Old Spice are spraying their boys into men. You can watch the ads here:




Alongside the ads, Old Spice has released the following infographic giving an excellent guide on the right way to spray: